Erica Adams

Erica Adams { Founder }

The founder of Brooke Alexandria Spa is Erica Adams, RN, MSN.* The Wilmington University grad excelled at her training at National Laser Institute, and has since become a fully certified laser technician. A consummate professional, Erica has worked at several top spas in the industry.

Erica has an extensive nursing background with 13 years’ experience in all facets of peri-operative care, including operating room, interventional radiology services, endoscopy, nurse navigation, and case management. In addition to being a registered nurse, Erica is a licensed cosmetologist. Knowing that real happiness radiates from within, she developed a true passion for helping others find their optimum wellness. This desire to help others rekindle their true spark in life, is what inspired Erica to merge her dedication to service and desire to help others in this, her newest venture. You are invited to ‘arouse your spirit and ignite your beauty,’ as a guest at Brooke Alexandria Spa.