About Us

Your Beauty, Fully Realized

Brooke AlexandriaSpa arouses and ignites your inner and outer beauty, service both men and women. Our goal is to help you reach your full potential and  look and feel your best. A luxury spa located in Haverford Square provides the newest and most innovative treatments. It is our goal to represent beauty in its diversity which is reflected in our unique staff.

Our full-service spa offers an array of comprehensive services. ( Brooke is it possible to add a link here for services BAS will offer). These treatments are combined with the most effective products and the latest in anti-aging esthetic devices. These non surgical aesthetic treatments allow for the desired outcome with less down time. At Brooke Alexandria Spa, we challenge individuals to become bright, to glow, to stir up and to recapture beauty. We encourage our clients to spoil themselves by taking a break from the stress of everyday life.